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e.Florencio I/ Donnerhall
Floriscount¤e.Florencio I/ Donnerhall
Casall Sem
e. Cabachon/Coronado
Casall Sem¤e. Cabachon/Coronado
Godsend du Reverdy
e. Quidam De Revel/Grand Veneur
Godsend du Reverdy¤e. Quidam De Revel/Grand Veneur
Blue Hors Storm
e.Suzuan/Tailormade Temptation/De Niro
Blue Hors Storm ¤e.Suzuan/Tailormade Temptation/De Niro
Grim St Clair
Grim St Clair
Lunds Bitsch Boy
e. D-Day AT/FS. Champion De Luxe
Lunds Bitsch Boy¤e. D-Day AT/FS. Champion De Luxe
e. Calido I/Raimondo
Crelido¤e. Calido I/Raimondo
Gracieux H.A.P
e. Grim st. Clair/Casir Ask
Gracieux H.A.P¤e. Grim st. Clair/Casir Ask
De L´Or
e. Dancier/Rotspon
De L´Or¤e. Dancier/Rotspon
Teglovnens Zir- Oculus
e. Zirocco Blue/Cornet Obolensky
Teglovnens Zir- Oculus¤e. Zirocco Blue/Cornet Obolensky
e. Fürstenball/BH. Don Romantic
Freestyle¤e. Fürstenball/BH. Don Romantic
Oreo Brownie H
Diarado/ London
Oreo Brownie H¤Diarado/ London
Svalegårds Hot Driver
e. Hesselhøjs Donkey Boy/BH Hotline
Svalegårds Hot Driver¤e. Hesselhøjs Donkey Boy/BH Hotline

Welcome to Katrinelund

Katrinelund is one of Denmark’s leading stallionstations. We offer a wide range of internationally recognized dressage and jumpingstallions. We seek a close and regular cooperation with our clients to raise standards in breeding and sport.

We have a talented team of emplyess who prepares and precents a large number of horses for various selections and championships. Therefore we have a wide number of talented horses for sale of good quality to customers at home as well as abroad.


Teglovnens Zir-Oculus er indsynet i Tørring

Teglovens Zir-Oculus er indsynet til 35 dags test i Tørring

DSP kvalifikation d 2 okt

Lunds Bitsch Boy fik 8,5 i kapacitet. 

Stutteri Stenagers afkomssamling fik guld

Her i Blandt avls hingsten Stenagers Ben Hur.

Vores DSP pony hingst "Lunds Bitch Boy" blev nr. 2 I DSP dressur championatet for 4 års.



Flot 2. plads i DSP dressur championatet for 4 års dressur kat. 1