Would you like to have a foal from the Goldmedal stallion Hesselhøj Donkey Boy ? 23-01-2019 - 14:22

- 2019 will be his last breedingseason with fresh/chilled seemen

The Goldmedal stallion Hesselhøj Donkey Boy is now availebly on fresh/chilled semen, for the last breedingseason,before he has to concentrate fully on the sport from 2020.

Some of Hesselhøj Donkey Boys' merits include the following:


  • Premiumstallion in Denmark 2015
  • Winner of the performancetest 2015
  • Goldmedal rewarded at the graiding 2016
  • Champion 2016
  • Graded in Sweden 2016 and Hannover 2017
  • Graded i Oldenburg 2018


  • Winner of the 4-year old Championship 2016
  • Winner of the 5-year old Championship 2017
  • Bronze medalist at The World Championship for Young Horses in Ermelo 2017
  • Winner of the 6-year old Championship 2018
  • Finalist at The World Championship for Young Horses in Ermelo 2018

- and his impressive resultlist can bee seen here


Donkey Boy received an great foal characteristic and following some of the impressive results they have made at the Danish Warmblood Elite Show:

2016: 6 foal selected for the finals and he sired the best filly i Sweden

2017: The best dressage colt of the Year,and several final foals

2018: The best 2-year old mare of the Year, and several final foals

2019: 5 sons pre-selected for the Stallion Show in Herning

Also several winner foals all over the country at local foal shows


So dear breeders - its NOW if you want to have a fantastic Donkey Boy offspring !


Foto : Archive - 2017 WBFSH World Breeding Dressage Championships Ermelo UVM - Jan Møller Christensen og Hesselhøj Donkey Boy